Nobody Sees These Enemies: How to Discern and Disarm Unseen Tempters (Book 4 of the Unseen Series)


Avoid hell. Go to heaven. Live long and be accepted on Judgment day. But how can you be sure you aren’t being tricked? Our ancient unseen enemies are so skillful at deceiving. Jesus said that even Christians can be deceived, evildoers, and rejected. It’s imperative for you: wise up to the devil’s schemes! This fourth book in the nine-book Unseen Series will give you the discernment to disarm your enemies and take your seat as a king under the King of kings.


You want to avoid hell and go to heaven—and meanwhile, live long in sync with heaven. But opposing forces, both seen and unseen, hide undetected in our status quo, and impose hell’s grip. Thus you may actually be in sync with hell. Can this compromised conflict ever end? Can you get off the Christian treadmill of trying? Can you make it to the end with assurance? Jesus said even believers could be evildoers. Was He talking about you?

Don’t buy this book unless you prefer your temporary status quo and want to roll the dice for Judgment Day. You must know the war you are in, or you will be cannon fodder for the devil.  You must discern and disarm them, or else the Judge of all the Earth may decide that you chose hell over heaven.

Here in the fourth book of the nine-book Unseen Series, arm yourself to see satan’s first four strategies against you and your race. Move yourself from blinded victim status, and take your seat as a king beside the King of kings.


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