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Flesh gives birth to flesh, and Spirit gives birth to spirit. Jesus to Nicodemus, John 3:5

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The Unseen Realm with Paul Renfroe and Friends

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Why is this unseen realm podcast growing so rapidly? Events are distressing at the present time. Meanwhile, difficulties in our individual lives multiply. The origins include the unseen!

Visit The Unseen Realm with Paul Renfroe and Friends. (Audio only here) (Video here) Each week, Paul and his friends discuss Scriptures in one of the nine-book Unseen Series.

Presently the friends are discussing Book 1, Nobody Sees This You: How to Live as a Spirit in the Unseen Realm.

Our unseen realm podcast builds on what Jesus said about God: He is a spirit. But simultaneously, other spirits are eager to reveal distortions. The kingdom of darkness, led by satan, has centuries of experience deceiving us. But nevertheless, the Spirit of God will replace the distortions of deception with the truth—if we are willing and diligent to cooperate with Him and His Word.

A signed copy of books in the Unseen Series can be obtained from Paul by visiting our store. You can request a free copy of the prequel to the Unseen Series (or contribute to our support with 5 bucks on Amazon).