Nobody Sees This Unseen Realm: How to Unlock Bible Mysteries (Book 2 of the Unseen Series)


You can live as spirit—but how? Nobody Sees This Unseen Realm: How to Unlock Bible Mysteries is Book 2 in the nine-book Unseen Series. Paul Renfroe spells out the world of spirit and its history. Everything we want is possible by becoming living spirits. The Bible even puts prophetic time travel in reach.

Readers can participate confidently in the spiritual world. Church members and everyday people often lack assurance they can read the Bible accurately. Tentative hesitance can fester while competing sources offer confidence. With this Book 2 of the Unseen Series, an everyday person can confidently understand what God has revealed in the Bible.

Wherever the maturing process finds each of us, the God of Jesus Christ loves and calls us deeper into His friendship. We do not expect to qualify or be equal to the privilege—but we desire to mature. God’s revelation is the prime source for maturing our spiritual senses and abilities.

The title of this book will become outdated. You will see, know, and participate actively in the mysterious unseen realm revealed in the Bible.


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