FIRST PLACE WINNER Nobody Sees This Creation: The Origin of the Devil and His Replacements (Book 3 of the Unseen Series)


First Place Winner for Bible Study in Nationwide READER-JUDGED 2023 Christian Indie Awards

How do we defeat the devil? Can we know what Jesus and His apostles knew? Yes we can. The Bible reveals the answers to us, just as it did to them. Where did the devil come from? Why does God let him exist?  How did the six days of Creation affect the Kingdom of darkness? Nobody Sees This Creation: The Origin of the Devil and His Replacements is Book 3 in the nine-book Unseen Series. It answers these questions and many more.

Ezekiel 28, Isaiah 14, Revelation 12 and Luke 11 receive in-depth examination. You will learn how to identify the unseen realm in the prophecies and types of the Bible. New understanding of the devil's origin and man's purpose will transform your life and equip you to be an overcomer.

A new theory of the six 24-hour days of Genesis 1 will unlock the central theme of the Bible, transforming every passage you ever read again.

The nine-book Unseen Series draws upon the Bible and equips readers for godly interaction in the world of spirit. Readers can participate confidently in the spiritual world. Everything we want is possible by becoming living spirits, Book 1 of the series. Book 2 provides age-old techniques to penetrate Bible mysteries. God's Word is the only authoritative source for prospering as a living spirit. An everyday person can confidently understand it.


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