FIRST PLACE WINNER Nobody Sees This You: How to Live as a Spirit in the Unseen Realm (book 1 of the Unseen Series)


Book One of the Unseen Series

First Place Winner,

Bible Study Competition,


2022 Christian Indie AwardS

290 pages, available in audio book, hardback, paperback, and e-book

Do you feel something foundational is missing? Are unexplainable things happening to you? Author Paul Renfroe has good news for you in Nobody Sees This You: How to Live as a Spirit in the Unseen Realm: there is an explanation. In fact, you can not only understand your powers—you can practically apply them in the Unseen Realm.

What have readers said about this book?

A young mother in her 20s
This book holds the key to unlocking the mysterious unseen realm. As someone with experience of the unseen world, these pages provide the best explanation I’ve read. Truth is stranger than fiction, especially these unseen truths, and there are few knowledgeable people to talk to about it. The author Paul Renfroe fills in the blanks I’ve been wondering about for years. I finally have a solid, totally sensible biblical argument on the unseen. Because the book is a biblically sound and doctrinally solid reference manual of the Spiritual Realm, it’s given me a foundation for mapping out this uncharted territory. Paul’s book gave me the essential handbook to understanding and decoding what the church has only begun to explore. It’s the Magna Carta of this generation of Christianity.

A retired plant manager in his 70s
Enlightening! I had never considered this relationship with Christ before. Thoroughly researched and supported by scripture. Every chapter made me want to read the next. Wonderful topic for any advanced bible study group. It gave me a better understanding of satan also.

An attorney and nurse in her 40s
It’s all so well written, Paul!! Definitely reader friendly. I feel enlightened, privileged, and amazed. Your book motivated me to learn more of the Kingdom of God and the spirit realm. It explained so much to me! Very timely description of what’s going on in society by describing what’s going on in kingdom of darkness and how it operates. I’m excited about reading the other books in this series as they are published. Thank you!

A retired Baptist preacher
Food for your spirit. Makes the invisible visible. Explains why people act the way they do. Meet the you, you never knew.