How to Unveil the Unseen and Live As a Spirit



Great! You want to update and unveil the unseen. Because if Christians don’t update, they stink!

Spiritual growth must unveil the unseen reality. And like Jesus’ three-year ministry, the unseen kingdom of darkness is busting out everywhere.

You can easily update to Jesus’ paradigm of the unseen—for free! Complete the Free Update request form to get your update, and we will email you this free 36-page overview.

In Jesus’ paradigm, the unseen realm is the primary reality. When you follow Him, you are born into that realm as a spirit. This short booklet shows you how to update your outdated paradigm of reality.

Faith in Jesus gives us spirit birth and we become spirits. You are capable of functioning as a spirit in the unseen realm, because you are a living human spirit. You walk among spirits, holy and unholy.

God expects you to function as a spirit. But will you?

Unveil the unseen with this fifty-page prequel to the nine-book Unseen Series. You can update your paradigm of what’s most real. Wherever God is, is the primary reality—and that is the unseen realm.