Ep. 21, The Grant of Righteousness

Ep. 21, The Grant of Righteousness

Episode 21:

The Grant of Righteousness

Yes or No: Are you righteous?

Are you righteous? You’re probably too modest to say, if you are. Learn how your spirit is born with the grant of righteousness from this discussion of The Unseen Realm with Paul Renfroe and Friends.

Each week, they discuss the Scriptures found in a book in the nine-book Unseen Series. This episode about the grant of righteousness is from the fourth chapter, Toward God, in the first book. You can see excerpts on Goodreads from Nobody Sees This You: How to Live as a Spirit in the Unseen Realm.

Get off the treadmill of trying, and accept God’s grant to you. Instead of earning it, you are given it, as Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 3:21, But now the righteousness of God apart from the law is revealed.

Then what? We bear it out by our lives. Because it is a grant, we don’t measure ourselves by

performance. However, an effect is expected, which Jesus called fruit in John 15:2. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away.

Without bearing fruit, then the predictable question is, did you receive the grant of righteousness?

So eliminate all doubt. Put the question to rest. You can take one easy step: request the free prequel to the Unseen Series (or contribute to our support by buying it on Amazon). Learn the joys of righteousness! And avoid the consequences of neglecting the grant of righteousness.

Remember: deceptive unseen enemies begrudge you the grant of righteousness. You can read more about them in Book 4 of the Unseen Series, Nobody Sees These Enemies: How to Discern and Disarm Unseen Tempters. It’s available directly from Paul and also from Amazon.

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