Donna Feyen interviews Paul Renfroe

Donna Feyen interviews Paul Renfroe

Paul is interviewed about Books One and Two

by Paul Renfroe – August, 2022

Paul Renfroe and his wife Diane publish through Paradigm Lighthouse, awakening people to their birth as spirits to enjoy the mind of Christ within them.

Nobody Sees This YOU: How to Live as a Spirit in the Unseen Realm is Book 1 of the nine-book Unseen Series. It is a learning tool for your own spirit. This book holds conversations about the unseen world with the one and only holy Spirit governing it. The primary message: everything we want is possible when we become living spirits.

You can live as spirit—but how? Nobody Sees This Unseen Realm: How to Unlock Bible Mysteries is Book 2 in the nine-book Unseen Series. Paul Renfroe spells out the world of spirit and its history. Everything we want is possible by becoming living spirits. The Bible even puts prophetic time travel in reach.