Pains of the Christian


When we expect our faith to solve all our pains, we might be fighting God. Our God heals so we can be conformed to the image of Jesus (Romans 8:29).

What’s your pain? Just like our own medical treatments, His healing often produces discomfort.

Do you have desires that you thought unattainable, until your pains are gone? Paul Renfroe shows how God uses your pain to fulfill your desires.

Do you feel unspiritual when your prayer doesn’t solve the pain? Learn how your hurts are far more biblical than you realize.

You may feel surrounded by pain. This book will put you at ease: you are not crazy.

This powerful overview of Christian’s pain uses both study in Scripture and the testimony of others. You are not substandard. Adopt the biblical perspective in The Pains of the Christian. Decipher your troubles at last. Flip your pains into the devil’s own trap. Become free of accusation, and walk in glory and joy even while you hurt. Equip yourself to build the faith of others in pain.

“I wept as I read this book. It helped me revisit events that really hurt me and be healed. This book helped me understand that those hurts are part of following Christ, and when I accepted that, I felt a giant release.” 


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