Pains of the Christian


What’s your pain? When we expect our faith to solve all our pains, we might be fighting God. Christians can easily wonder: just who are we dealing with? Our God heals so we can be like Jesus. But just like our own medical treatments, a hurt is sometimes part of His healing also.

Do you have desires that you thought beyond reach until your pains are gone? Paul Renfroe shows how those desires can be fulfilled right in the midst of them. Many Christians feel unspiritual because their pain remains despite much prayer. Some of us may feel like we are surrounded by a host of our pain. This book can put you at ease that you are not crazy–the hurts that you are experiencing may be far more biblical than we realize.

This study in Scripture is destined to rescue many Christians from feeling substandard. With the biblical perspective in The Pains of the Christian, you can finally decipher your troubles and make the most of them, free of accusation, walking in glory and joy even as you hurt. And so can those around you.

“I wept as I read this book. It helped me revisit events that really hurt me and be healed. This book helped me understand that those hurts are part of following Christ, and when I accepted that, I felt a giant release.” 


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