What’s your scary? God has already provided for it. But to receive His provision requires agreeing with Him about our poverty of spirit. My flesh resists that, and so does yours.

To avoid relying on Him, we self-do, self-protect, and self-provide. To correct us, the Holy Spirit drives us into the wilderness of our scary. That is where He proves our inadequacy and His sufficiency. Think about it: everyone who received Jesus’ miracles were right in the middle of their “scary”!

So meet your new best friend: inadequacy. The Scriptural meditations in this book help you to live in your scary without distress and fear. You’ll understand why Jesus described His yoke as easy and light. Agree with God about your inadequacy, and receive the provision that He pours out.

From the crucible of overwhelming circumstances both bad and good, these meditations were dictated on Paul’s cell phone while driving between his offices in spring 2015. Inadequacy will help you trust God and reduce the stress you experience.

Your self-do will be replaced by God-do.


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