Christian What are You? Removing the Blindfolds


Christian, what are you, really?

The truth of the Word is hidden in the blindfolds of modern life which has encumbered Christians. It’s hard to perceive what God says we really are.

This book is 3/5ths Scripture citations. Complete the 83 workbook applications and you’ll become a do-er and “be-er” of the Word.

These Scriptures and activations will remove the blindfolds and release your full potential in Christ. Your true identity, calling and gifting in the Body of Christ are known to the Spirit, and you can know them as well.

The truth that sets you free is the heartbeat that burns in the pages of this book. May Christ be formed within you as you read it…for that truly is the hope of glory!


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Dean Gemma Azan, dean of the Christian International Ministry Training College
We live in a world where the truth of the Word is hidden in the blindfolds of life. Life and circumstances have encumbered us, causing us to believe a lie. Paul’s book is a bold approach, encouraging the believer to be accountable to remove the blindfolds. Be prepared to be challenged and to evaluate yourself. You will see the revelation of Truth—not only of the Word of God but of who you really are. If you grasp the truth in this book/workbook, you will have a renewed vision of life, of the body of Christ and of yourself. Paul’s passion is evident for the Body of Christ to be free, to live to their full potential, and to know that they are not just loved but are born of the Beloved.

Apostle Leon Walters , pastor of Christian International Central Family Worship Center, director of the Heartland Region of Christian International
The Author has done an excellent job! He presents the truth of God’s Word in such a manner that Christians can see themselves as more vital in the Kingdom of God here on earth. This truth will Awaken the Church! I found the message in this book to be both challenging and inviting! I felt invited into more understanding of the truth of God’s Word. I saw anew its effectiveness in our life today as the Body of Christ. This book is designed to Awaken us from any slumber and to take our rightful place as God’s representatives here on earth. This is a book that prepares Christians to be the first responders to God’s glory, so we can meet the needs of a changing world in challenging times.

Apostles Dave & Linda Roeder , deans of Christian International Central Ministry Equipping School
This study book is ideal for both individuals and groups of people who are hungry for more of God. As you read Paul’s prescriptive arguments, be prepared to see some old mindsets dislodged. He has written a persuasive, Scripturally-based manuscript, and he punctuates the book with a beautiful exhortation to embrace our place in the Father’s heart.

Bishop Manuel Pate, bishop of TN Valley Conference, International Pentecostal Holiness Church
Have you ever felt like something was missing in your Christian life…like there was something more, but you couldn’t figure it out? This book offers insights and practical applications to move you from being a hearer of the Word to a doer of the Word. It helps you remove the blindfolds that holds you back from your full potential in Christ. You will gain an understanding into your true identity, calling and gifting in the Body of Christ. The “truth that sets you free” is the heartbeat that burns in the pages of this book. May Christ be formed within you as you read it…for that truly is the hope of glory!

Bryan Cothran, Founder and CEO of Cothran Capital LLC , Memphis , TN
Praise God for His blessing on you and I am so excited what He will do in the lives of everyone who reads the book. As believers begin to see themselves the way God sees them and not just “rotten sinners saved by grace”, a new era in the church will unfold!

Prophet & Pastor Bill & LaRue Lackie, director of Prophetic Teams at Christian International
What I have read in Paul’s book has impacted me in my heart, soul and spirit. I am an avid reader and I found Paul’s examples to be believable, well-related to his subject. Paul’s references to scriptures relate readers right back to God’s Word for each truth he conveys. When I read something that is written by someone I personally know, and when I can hear their voice speaking the words, I am hooked to the end–and I am hooked on Paul’s book, Christian, What Are You? Removing the Blindfolds. Neither I nor Prophet Bill take it lightly to be included on the birthing of this book by Paul and Diane because I know they discussed it so thoroughly together. We love Paul & Diane. We love their vision. We know that this inviting book will touch many. Our best to the Renfroes and their family!

Apostle Tom Hamon, co-pastor of Vision Church@Christian International
Paul Renfroe has written a practical guide and discourse pointed to challenge you about your spiritual identity, growth and maturity. This book will cause you to evaluate your self-perception in light of the Word of God, and your life style and attitudes in comparison to God’s high calling on your life.

Apostle Jane Hamon, co-pastor of Vision Church@Christian International
In Christian, What Are You? Removing the Blindfolds, Paul Renfroe offers an insightful look into how God’s Word describes the realities of what the Christian’s life should exemplify. In our Western world our minds have been filled with secularized, materialistic, religious viewpoints that prevent us from embracing a spirit-directed, supernatural lifestyle as the “norm” for each and every Believer. In this book Paul not only confronts these world views in light of scripture, but also issues challenging activations that the reader can use to examine his or her own life and Christian walk and be empowered by God’s truth.