Paradigm Underwriters

Let him who is taught the word share in all good things with him who teaches. Galatians 6:6

Diane and I are glad you’re joining the underwriters for the Unseen Series and Paradigm Lighthouse.

Jesus described to Nicodemus that His followers would be spirits, born of spirit (John 3:5–6). We are waking Christians up to their full function as spirits in the unseen realm. Many unbelievers are being agitated by God as well, so that the underwriters are also funding our evangelistic emphasis.

Like a menu, click what you want to fund. Keep opening them until you find the expense amount that you want to underwrite. The cost calculations include the time each one requires.

By self-publishing, I retain the rights, in contrast to publishers who can arbitrarily pull titles off the market. However, it means I bear all the expenses myself—even while my work income is much reduced, due to factors beyond my control. 

One friend has given $21,000 which was used to produce Books One through Three of the Unseen Series. As I sought the Lord about funding Book Four in early 2024, He reminded me that people want to be a part of this great, biblical paradigm shift. This underwriting opportunity for you was the result of that inquiry!

What we are doing in the Unseen Series is waking people up to full function as the spirits—worshiping the Father in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).




$71 funds 1 hour writing and all the associated tools, time, and effort required to produce quality, comprehensible writing.


$150 funds a month of website hosting, improvement, and maintenance by my webmaster Pure White Design, Aaron Sutton owner.


$600 funds the expense of one week's podcast episode, including time to record, edit, customize, publicize, and distribute. I'm producing my own podcast which is very timeconsuming.

Cover + Promo

$750 funds the artistic materials for one book: the art design, the multiple drafts, and the final cover. The supporting promo items require design and expense to procure also: posters, bookmarks, mugs, and giveaway copies. All Unseen Series art is designed and created by my fantastic artist, Hannah Linder.


$800 funds the process of book editing, which no author can do for themselves. I use Ashley Niro, an expert editor with a wide reputation.


$1,000 funds the process of typesetting for one book. I have two pros for that, depending on their availability: Michael Williams and Faithe Thomas.


$5,000 funds a month of professional public relations. I have worked with Jerry McGlothlin and Joni Sullivan Baker, who line up speaking engagements and interviews. The purpose isn't my ego but my message, to promote the Unseen Series books and the Bible paradigm that Christians are living spirits.


$7,000 funds the process of audiobook recording for one book. My national-level voice artist is Rick Tarrant, and his sound engineer masters everything perfectly to satisfy distributors.

Book Production

$12,500 funds everything you saw above for one month, and releases Diane and me for full-time dedication to producing the remaining five books of the Unseen Series.

All Inclusive

$36,500 fully funds the time and expense of producing one book in the Unseen Series. It's the sum total of all the above, over the three months this process requires.

Underwriting, Booking, and Contact

In the message space, you can tell me the expense you are underwriting and how you prefer to send the funds. I'll confirm the arrangements with you directly by phone or email. Be sure to tell me your mailing address and what book you would like me to send as a thank-you gift.