Book 3 Beta Readers

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20

The Book 3 Beta Reader feedback form is for test readers of Book 3 in the nine-book Unseen Series, titled, Nobody Sees This Creation: The Origin of the Devil and His Replacements.

Remember we prioritize your impressions and questions. When something is unclear, it helps me to know it. It signals to me to improve my communication. This is very valuable in getting the message out.

This is a radical book that will upend some longstanding but inadequate interpretations of the Bible. You are welcome to question or disagree with what I am saying, as many people will do so. You can help me sharpen my understanding and communication of the Bible so that its truth shines forth.

Lastly, the comments you make provide preliminary marketing blurbs which I will clarify with you when publication nears.

Thank you for being part of this team! It will be my pleasure to give you a copy after publication.


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