Little Cross ~ Red Base


Crafted at home from a passion to honor Jesus, these Little Crosses provide a gentle but constant witness–while consecrating your desk and home to the honor of our brave Jesus. Using this subtle clarity that lasts all day, the Holy Spirit can bless your spirit with joyful attentiveness to God.

The world is dull and unfriendly to our joy. Sometimes, religion shouts when a whisper would be more effective. Using this “less is more” impact with one Little Cross, you can softly identify your allegiance to all who care to see it.

People’s response to your Little Cross can be telling. With some, you may start a conversation about Jesus’ reality and sacrifice for our sin. Others may avoid the topic diligently, but the reality remains–rooted on your desk and in your life.

Jesus said, If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to Myself. Even if it is a Little Cross!


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