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The world of investing, stocks, cds, prospectus, annuities and more can be overwhelming. I can help provide the confidence you need so that you can get on with your life. The point of living is to live—not to worry about money.

Meet Paul Renfroe, President/CEO Emerald Coast Financial Accounts, LLC & his wife Diane

Paul Renfroe and his wife Diane are the owners of Emerald Coast Financial Accounts, and have proudly invested 26+ years in serving Safety to Seniors.

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It depends on so many things beyond your control….but we eliminate the risk of having losses imposed on you by outside circumstances.

What We Offer

We serve people with the money they do not want to lose. We only offer accounts that are fully guaranteed against loss and insured by government-mandated protection.

“When I had to activate my power of attorney, I was hitting brick wall after brick wall with my parents’ investment companies. Months went by—weekly phone calls with no results. My frustration level skyrocketed. Then I met Paul. Hesitant at first, I then handed over boxes and boxes of documents. In a few short days he had organized everything—EVERYTHING—on one spreadsheet. He knew exactly what to ask the companies for and pushed them to stop stonewalling me. I immediately had a HUGE sense of relief. I highly recommend working with Paul.”

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What We Charge

Our account and planning services cost nothing. Forensic estate detection & organization is billed at $75 hourly. Our estate plan package is a fee item. That’s it.
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How much of your investing is driven by the promotion of news media which ignores fundamental reality? None of ours is.
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We believe “the first rule of winning is don’t lose”—as Coach Vince Lombardi said.

Our Proven Beliefs

The point of living is to live—not to worry about money.

Birds of a feather flock together. We do not want everyone to be our client—only those who want to be safe.

Financial marketing seduces you into believing the primary goal is to strive for profit—but that is not the belief of the financial companies themselves! Instead, their primary goal is to manage risk—and they accomplish that by selling risky assets to the public. Their ads do that, their agents and representatives do that. And as a result, you neglect to prioritize prevention of loss.

Who We Serve

Our clients exhibit different levels of risk tolerance. Some clients put all their money in our accounts because they do not want any gamble. Other clients use us for their conservative, no-lose allocation. Others use us for their long-term nest egg.

Husbands and wives can differ on their risk tolerance. We have helped many couples compromise by establishing the no-loss account to satisfy one while freeing the other to enjoy trading.

Most of our clients are retired and do want to prevent loss of their retirement funds. We do have a growing number of non-retired clients who are nervous about America’s stability in the near term, and want to protect their funds from loss.

Our existing client base is large and most of our time is spent serving them. You are welcome to become a client as well.

Tired of waiting for the other foot to fall? We only provide homes for your savings that are guaranteed against loss.

Losses We Protect Against & How

Listed below are numerous types of losses, over and above market loss. We can protect you and your funds against loss due to:

✔ inflation
✔ decline in purchasing power
✔ increases in federal taxes
✔ changes in tax law
✔ tax reporting
✔ public disclosure of your funds
✔ untrustworthy relatives
✔ lawsuits and aggressive lawyers
✔ creditors
✔ impulsive decision-making
✔ complexity and management burden
✔ loss of cognitive ability

As you can see, there are many threats to your ability to enjoy your money.

HOW DO WE DO THIS? We offer bank accounts that are insured by the FDIC. We also offer much higher paying annuities that are also insured against loss. And life insurance is an excellent method in appropriate cases.

Annuities enjoy legal and tax privileges. They are contract-based unlike any other financial asset. They have provisions for liquidity. And for those tricked into believing that annuities “tie your money up,” almost all our annuities can be completely closed after 5 or less years, and still pay more after penalties than any other 5 year CD or account available.

Service We Provide

There is far more to money than a protected holding tank.

Liquidity is important. All our accounts offer liquidity. This can be for any use you desire. Most of our clients want money for nursing home, home health care, and legacy to their children. Our accounts
provide that without penalty.

Forms and communications from the financial company can leave a general person scratching their head and uncertain how to proceed. We help with all aspects of your communication from our companies.

We also monitor your account performance and alert you when changes are needed or better accounts become available.

Moving money between financial companies can be so complex to an ordinary person that you just leave your money where it is. We handle all aspects in a seamless way. Most of our transfers are completely tax-free.

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Your stock picking can’t overcome sudden media-enflamed changes–best to pick stocks like playing the slots. Use our accounts for your can’t-lose money.

What Should You Do?

Anyone will tell you there’s no pressure in talking with us. We believe that birds of a feather flock together, so you will know pretty quickly if you like us. And if you do, we welcome you. Because the point of living is to live—not to worry about money.


“I had lost quite a bit over the years with bad financial decision. Paul answered all my questions; he spent hours with us, always with patience and understanding. Never did he pressure us or back away from questions—always honest. AND my investment is certainly growing in a positive way!”

Emily Runkle Review

“When I had to activate my power of attorney, I was hitting brick wall after brick wall with my parents’ investment companies. Months went by—weekly phone calls with no results. My frustration level skyrocketed. Then I met Paul. Hesitant at first, I then handed over boxes and boxes of documents. In a few short days he had organized everything—EVERYTHING—on one spreadsheet. He knew exactly what to ask the companies for and pushed them to stop stonewalling me. I immediately had a HUGE sense of relief. I highly recommend working with Paul.”

Julie Doty Review

“Paul Renfroe has been a faithful investment counselor. My experience has been that Paul seems to have great deal of experience with investing with the best needs of the client in mind. We have been working with Paul for two years. He has given us a variety of investment options which allowed us to choose from plans that met both our long and short term needs. He has continued to follow up with ongoing items assuring timely resolution. We trust Paul’s integrity when it comes to handling our investments and maintaining of long term relationship.”

David Roeder Review

“Paul Renfroe thoughtfully explains the plans he offers. He has not been pushy. He follows up to our needs or requests in a timely manner. Paul is a real professional.”

Dennis Clark Review

When I retired 6 years ago, I realized I could not afford to lose my retirement savings in stock market crashes and recover again which happened several times since 2001 because that required years to rebuild my funds and I no longer had the luxury of a good income to re-invest. I heard the Emerald Coast ads on the radio and decided to check it out. To my surprise, I met Paul Renfroe personally and he reviewed my entire retirement portfolio. He devised a plan to roll over all my investments from other institutions into “Pots” or buckets of funds, each paying out a five-year period with a lifetime of income. Every time I call or need to meet Paul, he responds in person – no automated phone system or talking with a different “advisor” long distance every time I had questions or needed assistance. He personally watches my investments and makes adjustments according my wishes, life changes, or market shifts. Paul is an honest advisor and so far, I could not be more pleased or comfortable with my shift to Emerald Coast Financial Services. I trust him with my whole savings plan now and would recommend him to anyone desiring a more stable investment strategy.
Robert J. Review

In this day and age where Bank Accounts and CD’s are paying very little or almost no interest on one’s financial account, you may be interested in finding out where the best accounts are for earning a reasonable annual interest rate on your money. If interested in obtaining information on businesses that provide the best interest on your money, consider making an appointment with Paul, at Emerald Coast Financial Accounts. I have been dealing with Paul for the past six years, and he will provide you detailed information on where you could place your money to earn a much better annual interest rate on your money. The great thing about Paul, he provides you the requested information, for you, to make a decision, if you wish. He does not provide any pressure, he is a delight to work with!
Herbert F. Review

I have been doing business with Paul at Emerald Coast Financial Accounts for over 20 years, Paul always looks out for my best interest and shows me all my options that are available. I would highly recommend Paul and his company for any of your financial investment needs, he is very knowledgeable in his field.
Randy P.

Better Business Bureau Review

Paul has provided sound financial advice that has proven rewarding to my financial needs. He is a good Christian man caring for the needs of his client, I strongly recommend him to provide financial assistance to those interested in finding sound investment opportunities.
Blaine S.

Better Business Bureau Review

I took Paul’s class on “Annuity Basics, Financial Sales Tricks, & Risk Protection” few years ago. Recently I reviewed the course material in more detail, and it helped me have a fresh understanding of all the topics covered in his class, especially on the complexity of annuity. His examples provide good insights on how annuity could make a significant improvement on the income at later part of life. I am convinced that annuity should be part of my investment. I appreciate his effort to educate the public on these important topics.
John S.

Better Business Bureau Review

I enjoyed working with Paul. He was very professional and informative at every step of this process. He worked hard to find us the best rate. I would highly recommend him and his company.

Gina B

Review on Better Business Bureau

Paul has worked with us on our retirement plans over 12 years. Our retirement funds have kept us in good financial standing. While our lifestyle is probably not as demanding as some we have an excess to live on. We are able to help family, ministries and friends in their need. Recently one annuity was not performing as well as the others Paul has at his disposal. Paul traveled hundreds of miles to go over our options to transfer these future funds to one that will guarantee a solid return. He is a Joy to work with.
Dennis and Susan C.

Better Business Bureau Review

Paul was referred to me by a good friend and I am grateful that she did. With his investment knowledge and guidance we developed a great retirement plan. I’m confident that my finances will well cover my circumstances now and the years to come. Paul has strong Christian values that carry over into his professional life. He is courteous and easy to talk with. He was there for every step and continues to be a great consultant for other financial decisions I’ve faced.

Karen F.

Better Business Bureau Review

I recently used Paul’s services as a financial consultant and was very pleased with his expertise, professionalism and caring. He helped me get organized and focused on the investments that suited my financial and life circumstances.
Maureen K.

Better Business Bureau Review

I have been an Insurance agent, Manager and self employed Broker since 1959. However I didn’t deal in investments but had some knowledge but I wanted to find the best product for my needs. I found out about Paul he assisted me in securing a program. I am very satisfied with Paul is very knowledgeable and eager to help anyone find the best program for their needs. Easy to reach and stays in contact with his clients. I have been a client of his for a year and half, I just made a additional purchase.
Roy G.

Better Business Bureau Review

I just needed help with sorting out all the papers of my accounts with Paul. He just gave so unselfishly of his time. We went through each folder and kept just the needed information. He also made a phone call in my presence to request some missing 1099 forms that did not come to my current address. It is rare today to find this personalized service.
Mary Anne H.

Better Business Bureau Review

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